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The Trust was established in January 1960 to mark the ROSL’s Golden Jubilee, the original focus being on support for ROSL’s Music and Arts. The Royal Charter was amended in 1998 to include humanitarian projects beginning with a project in Namibia. In 2019 ROSL is matching the BCA’s £4,000 support for the Mokolodi Wildlife Foundation in Botswana which. “offers disadvantaged youth a programme that combines wildlife conservation, environmental awareness, therapeutic recreation and health education in an atmosphere conducive to uplifting the youth.” In 2019 ROSL and BCA are jointly sponsoring a five day course for 80 children and eight accompanying staff which will be monitored by the ROSL representative in Botswana.


In a new education project, the ROSL Golden Jubilee Trust (GJT) and the Business Council for Africa (BCA) will enable over 80 youngsters to experience Boitumelo Mo Nageng (Joy in the Wild), which engages with vulnerable youth in Botswana to unlock their potential.

BCA’s ethos is “Investing in Africa’s next generation” and this mission fits in very well with ROSL’s own and the Mokolodi Joy in the Wild project. Read more here.