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In partnership with The Zambia Society Trust, BCA assists disadvantaged Zambian student wishing to pursue educational, technical and vocational courses in Zambia at approved institutions. Successful completion of secondary education is a pre-requisite and courses from six months to one or two years, occasionally longer, are considered. Support normally covers tuition and examination fees.

Students apply between March and August each year. A short list is compiled based on academic record and personal circumstances, issues of gender, disability, location and the perceived value, cost and length of the course.

An education coordinator in Lusaka maintains regular contact with students over grants issues and other matters of concern, liaising with educational institutions when necessary.


Zambian Students receive grant assistance provided by BCA under the education grant scheme of The Zambia Society Trust.

Natasha Chisense, Aaron Machaliwa, Margaret Konkola and Elizabeth Phiri share their experiences and explain how the grant has changed their lives and where it will take them in the future.