Connecting Business. Connecting Africa.

In 2017 BCA and Invest Africa announced a merger of their respective businesses. As of May 2018, the two organisations have operated as Invest Africa sharing The Business Council for Africa’s well-known logo.

In May 2018 a formal merger of the commercial divisions of the business was signed with The Business Council for Africa, now BCA to differentiate, its status and image as ‘a not for profit company’ limited by the guarantee of its directors emphasised, is uniquely available to use its funds for philanthropic and similar purposes in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Invest Africa offers a more effective global platform for private sector trade and investment on the African Continent, where with a much-sharpened commercial focus it can play a crucial role in Africa’s development while at the same time supporting BCA.

The evolution of this partnership is best seen in the tag lines of the respective organisations – IA’s Connecting Business Connecting Africa and BCA’s Investing in Africa’s Next Generation.